Card Shark Solitaire App Reviews

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Hours of free entertainment! Works great!

Great app

Works quickly. Cards are easy to recognize - visually pleasing. Cards move well. Keeps your statistics which is fun.


This application is awesome!! No advertisements and can play without a wi-fi or connection.


Ive gone through a number of solitaire apps and this is by far the best. Only wish they had La Belle Lucie. Love it. No glitches.


Very nice design. The best one I tried.

Great app

I dont know how to play cards but I downloaded this app because I was interested in learning

Great game app!

As nice way to pass time and not have to deal with annoying ads.

Fun pastime

I enjoy the variety of games

Best solitaire

Best solitaire game on the internet bar none!

Card Shark

Excellent game, great animation on win. Would suggest a minor improvement, by adding a magnet or gravity for moving cards to the target location.

Nicely put together app.

This app works seamlessly and has a nice selection of games at varying level of difficulty for whatever mood youre in. If you like to play for speed as I do, this app can keep up. Cards grab well and stick and the interface is pleasing, and you can choose card faces and backs among other great customizing features. At times it feels like it could be shuffled better, but it will be a long time before you notice, if ever. And, the developer says higher level versions are shuffled much closer to random with an even wider selection of games. Bottom line, this is a terrific app that will never let you down, a great value, better than any other lite version of any app Ive ever used. "Nice work" to the developers.


Very nice game

Great App.

I enjoy the way day design this app. My favorite app. to play on

Still A Very Good Game

This is the best card game Ive every played.


Great way to kill time!

Love it!

Absolutely awesome game!

Great consistent app

Ive had this app for years. Great performance, never crashes, never any issues. Solid mindless entertainment.

Great fun

Love playing Canfield and Beleaguered Castle. This is a must have app.


Seldom a day goes by that 5 or 10 games havent been played and thoroughly enjoyed. Keep up the good work.

Peaceful Way to Pass the Time

A simple app to help pass time. Offers plenty of game options - even without sound - when you cant do anything else but sit and wait. The price is impossible to beat, too!

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