Card Shark Solitaire App Reviews

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Fluid, fast and free!

Graphics are nice and customisable and moves work as youd expect.

Card shark

Très bon jeu


Very nice design. The best one I tried.

Very good

Very good game

Macht spass

Und ist for free


Hat alles was man haben will

Card Shark

Since I got this game, iDevices are with me all times.Best game.


I tried a few card games apps but found this one to be the best so far. Im playing almost every day.

Card Shark Bug

Why "card shark" terminates my score from to time? I lost my last big score!! I think it is a bug. Update please. Thank you.

Perfect solitaire/card game app

I love it and play it every day for years. Over 300 hrs pure game time (love the stat function too).

Great pastime

Lots of fun

The best I found.

Tried others. None are better.

Not bad, but has issues.

I mostly play Klondike and I have noticed that it almost always deals a pair or better. I used to play solitaire with cards and I have played other computer solitaire games and with the almost constant pairs or better, it starts to seem decidedly unrealistic. I spoke with the developer about this and they stated that randomness dictates that 43% of the time we can expect pairs when dealing a hand of solitaire, I was getting a 99.9% rate of pairs, when I pointed that fact out to the developer, they just stopped communicating with me altogether. Strangely when I tried the poker game I almost never got any pairs whatsoever. So I would say it needs improving.

Fun game

Perfect game when you do a #2

Once upon a time.

This was a great app until it stopped responding to the orientation of the iPhone. Now I have tiny cards and cannot escape.


Great app. Clean. Simple. Entertaining. I like the available backgrounds.


The best solitaire app! It gives you several types of games not just one type as other apps do. Ive been enjoying this app for awhile!


I play every day

A great little app

Fun to use and lots of game options to choose from. Works well & reliably

Great app

This app is addictive. It works very well.

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