Card Shark Solitaire App revisa


Jeu génial !




Il ny a pas mieux. Je suis accro

Très bien

Je ne men lasse pas


Muy bien ! Gracias.

Très bien






Lose myself in the game. Worries disappear for a time. Mind enters a state of higher thinking. Being able to retrace steps allows replay of each game with a different strategy with a different result. When returning to reality, can then see many of life’s options more clearly. KUDOS!!!

Fun! Great Options! Customizable Decks!

Love to play - lots of different games. Love ability to customize the deck of cards.

I truly enjoy Solitaire

Card Shark has been a good friend to me. The assortment of games means it never gets old and until I get my ‘Best Friend Personal Robot, I will stay a loyal customer.

Hours of distraction!

I already submitted a review from the app on my phone, but the app is asking me for one again from my tablet. Anyway, lots of fun, lots of games for variety too! My only complaint is that my gut is the deals are weighted on Klondike-3 so that they are not truly random. There are far too many times that a streak, either good or bad, but mostly bad, go on for an extremely long sequence of games. It seems unlikely that with truly random deals that there would be 30+ losses in a row. Otherwise, much fun and nicely packaged!!

Fun but addictive!

No question this is lots of fun & cheap! I didn’t give 5 stars because I’ve had some crazy long streaks of losses in Klondike-3 that just feel far too long for it to be believable that the deals are legitimately random. I could be entirely wrong but that’s how it feels subjectively. However like I said, it IS fun & super easy to spend way more time playing than you expect to!

Card Shark

Excellent game, great animation on win. Would suggest a minor improvement, by adding a magnet or gravity for moving cards to the target location. Would rate this game 5 stars if vicinity magnet was added.


A nice app to whittle away a few minutes when you do not hace time to play a longer gam.

Game review

I don’t like that you can’t move cards from pile to pile you can only move the whole pile

Good way to pass the time!

Whether in the waiting room, airport, or just staying quiet while the grandkids nap - this is a challenging but not too difficult game!

Great game!

This is my go to game. The most fun I’ve found in this type of game. In for the long hall!

Great App

Love this app. Love the challenge. It’s my go to game. Definitely recommend this app

Great app

I’ve been playing various games through the years (many years) and have never had any issues. If you’re looking for a basic solitaire variety app, I’d highly recommend Card Shark.

Just the cards please

Has all the classics games without ads or flashy gimmick's.


I play Canfield and love it!

Love it

Great to pass the time

Gets boring

It is a good past time but like Fairway Solitaire etc they don’t give you enough cards to Win a game. Will play if I get bored.

Great games

Good app, just wish it had more card games on it. The visuals are great though

Totally Addictive

Just can't stop playing this game. Been playing since I had a 3GS, still playing on my SE. My score is over 940000, can't wait to see what happens when I reach a million. Still totally addictive 5 years and 4 phones later. Great pastime.

Card Shark

I have had the app for a long time. (Years). I do not play many games, but this one never looses its appeal. I have several favorites and especially like spider 2.

Lovin’ this app.

I don’t want an app that is constantly changing and adding wacky bells or whistles. I just want to be satisfied. This app does what it promises. Thank you.

Great Game

Use it all the time to pass time - and to challenge my mind!

Card shark

Love this!


Great app...have had it a long time.

Love it!

Great app. Love that it doesn't use data (although it can be a little hard on the battery). Very few problems and lots of game choices.

Very cool graphic

I love the old cards and the way they stack up slightly uneven just like they would physically. A very well designed game.


Fun games. Good variety.

Great Program!

This has been a great program. Never had any bugs, lots of options. Worth the money.


All I can say is I love it ❤️

Great Games

I have spent hours and hours playing these games. Love it. I wrote that review 3 years ago and still love it.


Addicting. Gotta get my fix everyday.

Good time filler

Easy to navigate for quick games

Very good game

The best free Klondike 3 app I've tried. Each revision has been better than the last. I have not tried the other games but It's likely they are just as good.

Great game-fun for hours

I have enjoyed the numerous number of games and variations. It has been addictive. I like that you can pause and return at any time. The undo and restart feature is helpful when you are stuck on a difficult game and need to play out a different scenario. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys solitaire games.

Fun for a couple of years

Depending on how much you play this game is only good for a couple of years. They are a terrific couple of years, and that’s why I gave it three stars, but then the game falls apart. For quite a while now the game has been doing funny things regarding shuffling. The most repeatable aspect is having the same card turn up on consecutive flips of the pile; you turn over 3 of clubs, 3 of clubs, for instance. The first few times I figured “random chance” but it quickly reached the point where this happened every game. In the last week the there have now been TWO sets of consecutive cards in every deck and in two of the last three games I played they have come back-to-back (5 of clubs, 5 of clubs, 5 of spades, 5 of spades flipped over, actual example). There are some other things going on that can’t be attributed to chance but this one is the most noticeable. The game can still be fun but you do feel like it’s being manipulated. To be honest, I keep playing just to see how bad it gets. Is the shuffling algorithm deteriorating? Have I run out of prerecorded deck shuffles? I don’t know how the game is written so I can’t say but I tried deleting the game last week and then downloading it again and, as recorded above, the game just got worse. So, fun while it lasted. Maybe I can find another game or maybe Rick Holtzgraf will fulfill my dream and rewrite Solitaire ‘Til Dawn for iOS. Oh, well.

Great App

Been using app for years! Love you!


Love this app. I've noticed the same games loop after a while. It would be nice if new games would be rotated in.

Great app

Great app for quick passing time snippets! Easy to use, appropriate difficulty...challenging. I really enjoy it!

Solitaire the classic

I've played a lot of solitaire apps and this one is solid fun and has some nice features. This is one of my favorites.


Using a long time. Easy. Fun.

Good game

Only four stars because of no auto-collect when I win. I usually end the game when I see that I will win.

I like it a lot

I like it a lot. One of the few free downloads that I've kept

Great game!!!

I have been playing this version for years and LOVE it!!!


I like this app. Many games and custom options. Solitaire I play most. Thank you


These games are great when wasting time waiting...doctors office,appointments, etc. Like Canfield the best.


This is my go to app game - when I’m waiting in line, thinking something over. can’t sleep ....... never lets me down - an absolute favorite!

Good job

It is good to pass the time, keeps your mind Busy. Fun

Love it.

Addicted- easy to use. Lots of variety of games.

Card sharks

Good game

Great Fun!

The solitaire I play most often!

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